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Little Adventures

Little Adventures

Thank you so much for embarking on this adventure with me! I am so excited to bring this coloring book project to life.

Important DETAILS

  • Artwork is due JULY 10TH
  • Images should be at least 8"x10" at 300dpi for clean printing
  • The theme is "Little Adventures". 

    I really want to convey the adventure and imagination of early childhood. That may be cubs playing pretend, going on actual magical adventures, or even just the simple everyday adventures that happen in your backyard. 

  • Artwork submitted is for commercial use in the coloring book. This book will be sold at conventions and online. Artwork may also be used in promotional material.  


  • You have the choice between payment in USD OR copies of the book.
    • USD:  $20 for a image with no background or a simple background. $30 for an image with a full background
    • Book: In exchange for your work you receive FOUR copies of the "Little Adventures" coloring book
  • As a special "thank you" for participating you will receive ONE additional copy of the book, regardless of payment method
  • Shipping included


  • You may add a small signature to your work. 
  • Please try to avoid blocking or overlaying your work when you add the signature.
  • Closer to the publish date I will be collecting account/contact information to put in the back of the book.

Extra copies

  • You are welcome to buy up to FIVE additional copies for personal use or for the purpose of reselling at manufacturing cost
  • Manufacturing cost is currently estimated to be $3-5USD
  • I ask that you cover any additional shipping fees that these extra books will carry
  • "Little Adventures" will be selling for $16USD, please do not go under this pricing
  • If you would like additional copies beyond the five I might be able to offer a "bulk order discount"
Payment Option
I understand and agree to the terms above *
I will be able to complete work by July 10th *