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Terms of service

  • Your commission is not to be modified in anyways such as the addition of colors, adding props, ect. with the exception of cropping, resizing, and adding text. For all other changes, please contact me.
  • For digital and traditional paintings you will be given a color proof before I start the painting. All corrections to markings and posing must be done then. I have the right to refuse any corrections after you have approved the proof.
  • Any commission over with a value over $50 will require an upfront reservation fee of half the commission cost. You may choose to pay the entire cost of your commission at this time or wait until the piece is finished.
  • Any commission under a $50 value will have payment due upfront.
  • If you decide to cancel your commission you may have the opportunity for a partial refund.
    • If I have not yet started your piece, but you have been placed on my queue you are entitled to a 90% refund. The small fee is to discourage cancellations, if you have dire circumstances I may waive this fee.
    • If I have begun work refunds will range from 75%-25% depending on how much work has been done.
    • If your piece has been completed I will not refund you.
    • If it has been two months since last contact AND no progress has been made on your piece in my public art queue you are entitled to a full refund.
  • Time dependant piece must be commissioned at least two weeks before to guarantee on time arrival. Please let me know if you need the piece by a certain date upon first contact.
  • You are freely welcome to publish, print, or display your artwork as you see fit! However, you should not be using my artwork for any commercial purposes without my explicit permission.
  • Edits after the commission is completed may be subjected to an additional charge. You're first edit is free! (As long as it is reasonable. ie. missed markings, fluffier tail ect.) This policy does not apply to paintings.
  • I will not draw extreme gore, bodily fluids, or anything adult.